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Follow The Step By Step Instructions Below To Prepare Funds & Join DAISY

 Step 1 - Choose Your Tiers
 Step 2 - Download Tronlink App
 IOS - App Store
 Android - Google Play Store
 Chrome Extension - Chrome Web Store
 Step 3 - Get Tron (TRX) & Send To Tronlink
* IMPORTANT: Send An Extra 200 TRX To Tronlink For Each Tier You Plan To Purchase To Cover Transaction Fees Which Are Paid In Tron.
Click The Option Below That Best Suits You.
Note: Experienced Crypto Users May Not Need These Resources. 
 Option 1 - Buy Crypto With A Card
 Step 4 - Swap Tron To USDT Inside Tronlink
 Step 5 - Signup With DAISY & Purchase Your Tiers
 DAISY Signup Link:
* IMPORTANT: Upon registration you can now choose Crypto, Forex or both tiers combined as shown above. 
* IMPORTANT: Once inside your Daisy dashboard, make sure you have the correct tab selected when buying the rest of your tiers as shown above.  
 Step 6 - Join Our Telegram Channel To Stay In The Loop
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